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Pearls & Pearl Farming

An hour talk about pearls & pearl farming. This multimedia talk, centered in the Cook Islands (South Pacific), includes music and video shot on location in Manihiki Atoll. Learn about the history of pearls, how pearls are graded and valued. Black Pearls, South Sea Pearls strands & jewelry displayed.


  1. A demonstration of implanting nucleus using the

  2. instruments & tools employed on Pearl Farms.

"Great talk"  "Learned a lot"

"The Grafting demonstration was awesome"

Opals & Opal Mining

This hour presentation covers a 'lot' about

opals! The different types, how they were

formed, how they are valued and much more.

Opal Documentary screening available.

Click to see a Short Preview.

"Very  informative talk"

"Loved the Documentary"

"Great ending to the Documentary"

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