began my jewelry career in 1970. Following college and a tour in the US army, where I was introduced to jewelry making at an on-base crafts center, I opened a Studio-Workshop in the University District of Seattle, WA. During my several years in this location I began classes with the G.I.A., [Gemological Institute of America] studying diamonds, colored stones and gem identification. The first few years in the studio were hard. I worked on jewelry during the day and studied in the evenings. My friends had 8 to 5 jobs and were buying their first new cars. I had what seemed like many jobs and was buying the first carpet for my showroom. My social life consisted of what happened during the work day because in the evenings and on weekends I was back in school studying economics and gemology.  
In 1972 I moved to a new location in the center of the University business district and opened a small, jewelry store, Dick Paille Jewelry, inc. As business grew so did the requirements of management which greatly lessened time for making jewelry. There were customers to see, a news letter entitled 'Keeping Posted with Paille’ to write and publish, trade shows to attend and what seemed like endless sales 'reps' stopping by. The years I operated the store were demanding but also rewarding times in my early career. Eventually an inner call to design jewelry for a national market led to a decision to sell the store and and ‘get back to the bench.’
Some years later new opportunities arose, which would focus my future jewelry work. Returning to the US following three months in Australia after filming a Documentary on opal mining, entitled "Fire Down Under... The Hunt For Australian Opal," we stopped for some R&R in the Cook Islands (South Pacific) where that countries’ Black Pearl industry was beginning to emerge. Through luck with local officials I was granted permission to visit Manihiki Atoll in the remote, Northern Cooks where the pearl farms were located. That first week on Manihiki completely changed my focus in the jewelry business. I knew before I returned to the US I'd found a new direction for my work." 
Read more about filming the opal Documentary plus a second project a crew and I filmed in the Cook Islands entitled:
 "A Gift From Neptune... The Black Pearls of Manihiki.”  Also see: Documentaries.
Richard Paille

Richard lives in Seattle, WA and exhibits his work occasionally in events around the country.  Richard, also speaks publicly on various jewelry topics. See: Speaking EngagementsAbout_Me_2.htmlOpal_Mining.html